How much is your store spending to count and replace shopping carts each year?

Between lost and damaged carts, retailers need to constantly restock their inventory. The difficulty with tracking carts is that the typical process is manual, time-consuming, and prone to error. Without dependable counts, stores may be unaware their cart fleet has become inadequate. This puts them at risk of lost revenue because customers purchase less without a cart.

Ready IoT has created a custom counting solution for shopping carts. Using a combination of affordable wireless devices, we provide a location-based inventory for any cart fleet. By automating cart counts, retailers will gain numerous benefits:

  • Eliminate labor hours spent doing manual counts
  • Sync data with cloud computing for trending
  • Enable accurate replacement forecasting
  • Ensure timely new cart orders
  • Drive refurbishment efficiencies
  • Decrease redundant replacements

Learn about our 9-month pilot with a major retailer. We documented that cart totals fell by a dramatic 70%, including over the holiday season. The tracking data highlights the advantages of automating shopping cart counts.  

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