Emergency Broadband Benefit

Hello!  Thank you for your interest in the Ready Wireless EBB program.  We are open and active in all areas we service. Please note the below information, which will make your application process easier. 

  • The Ready Wireless EBB program is a SIM-only offering. You will need an unlocked phone or tablet to utilize the service.

  • All participants in the EBB program need to be approved in the National Verifier. Please complete this application prior to starting your Ready Wireless EBB enrollment.

  • Please make note of the information you enter into the National Verifier, as you will need to enter it in the exact same way when starting the Ready EBB process. This is how we can get a successful return from the National Verifier.

  • You will be required to upload an image of your ID. Please be sure you enter your name into the National Verifier exactly as it is on your ID. For example, if your ID has your full middle name listed, or two last names, you want to make sure you enter it in that format.

  • You will need your ID proof for both applications, we recommend having that picture ready. Please be sure it captures the entire ID, and it is clear to read.

  • If you are enrolling with a Benefit Qualifying Person (BQP), such as a child, you will need the following proof for the Ready Wireless EBB enrollment:

    • Your ID

    • Your BQP birth certificate and social security card (one picture that includes both)

  • If you receive a ‘Duplicate Address’ error, simply complete the Household Worksheet.

  • To complete the National Verifier: https://nationalverifier.servicenowservices.com/lifeline

  • Once completed and approved, you can now enroll in the Ready Wireless EBB program. To do so, go here: https://m.me/215452213816041?ref=w16071847

Questions?  Please email us at rwebbsupport@readywireless.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you.

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