Ready Fleet FAQ

How much does Ready Fleet cost?

There is a standard monthly service fee plus a one-time charge for the device. This makes it an easy and cost effective solution to better manage your vehicles and encourage positive driving behaviors.

Can I try Ready Fleet for free?

Our 30-day free trial allows you to use our fleet management solution, see how easy and cost effective it is, and you don’t pay a thing. We provide you with the equipment at no cost and waive the monthly service fee for the first 30 days. If you decide not to continue service with Ready Fleet, just return the modules (at our cost) and we’ll close your account.

If I discover drivers with risky phone habits, how can I control that?

Ready Fleet’s monitoring system will help you improve driver safety and performance by tracking harsh turning or braking events, speeding and distracted driving behaviors. Our driver scorecard identifies distracted driver behavior including phone usage.

Will this app affect my phone battery?

Yes – because of the location tracking, it will use up your battery throughout the day. This is unavoidable with any fleet management app. We recommend charging your phone in your vehicle while using the app.

Can I access my data and integrate it with a third party system or application?

Yes – just about every bit of data collected and processed by Ready Fleet is accessible via our API layer in real-time. Integrating your data into third party systems is simplified. Whether you are looking to integrate vehicles and driving data with fuel card providers, dispatch and work order management, Salesforce, or even your internal systems, we can help.

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