Ready Asset Tracking FAQ

How does the solar tracker work?

The XT4900 Series is a solar harvesting LTE platform supporting long term, remote deployments without the need to replace the battery. The device utilizes a high efficiency solar panel to charge and maximize the operating life of the internal Lithium Ion battery. Customers who require frequent data for location, health, and monitoring of their remote assets can be assured that XT4900 Series will provide more frequent data for longer periods compared with other asset tracking devices in the market today. XT4900 Series supports highly configurable reporting frequency and event triggers, along with 16Mb of flash memory that supports up to 10,000 11-point geofences. The internal 10.6Ah battery is best in class, exceeding industry standards for temperature extremes and is capable of more than 4,000 life cycles. Safe charging and discharging termination over temperature is also managed by the device. Designed to withstand demanding environments, the XT4900 Series meets IP67 rating making it ideal for trailer, container, overseas maritime, and other high-value asset tracking. The rechargeable lithium battery will provide you with a 10 year battery life.

How does the battery powered device work?

The XT4700 unit is a self-contained UMTS/HSPA modem with integrated GPS engine, cellular and PCS antennas, accelerometer, motion detector, and 6600 mAh internal rechargeable battery. With a powerful 32-bit microprocessor and unique power management algorithm, this wireless asset tracking device consumes less than 120 μA in sleep mode and is capable of periodic reporting of an asset’s status and location. With multiple input and output ports along with a proven embedded application, XT4700 Series is an ideal solution for monitoring and control of high value remote assets where input power availability is of concern. The weatherproof case allows the XT4700 Series to be used in a myriad of applications such as container, trailer, and heavy duty equipment tracking. The 6600 mAH rechargeable will provide you with 3 years of battery life on one full charge.

How is installation done?

Solar Powered Unit: Installation is done in less than 2 minutes with a magnet or VHB tape.

Battery Powered Unit: Installation is done in less 5 minutes if wiring to a direct power source. If not wiring, the device takes less than 2 minutes to install with a magnet or VHB tape.

Can I track things that don’t have power?

Yes. You can track both powered and non-powered equipment, materials, and tools.

Which types of assets do customers most commonly track?

Many of our customers track construction equipment, shipping containers, farm equipment, digital signage, or roll-off trucks. We have a solution for any assets that you are interested in tracking. Please contact our team for any asset tracking questions.

Can I track equipment and tools that are in bad weather?

Absolutely. Our trackers are durable and can withstand harsh conditions. The XT4700 is rated at IP65 and the XT4900 is rated at IP67.

How many assets can I track?

You can track any and all of your assets on our platform. Our software supports the storage of data on as many assets as you need. We can help you assemble an appropriate bundle of asset tracking devices to fit your inventory or fleet. Simply sign up for a free demo with our team, so we can help you out with a solution specific to your needs.

Can I see my assets on a map?

Yes, Ready Asset Tracking is designed to be to use with all of your assets to display on a map. You can follow live coordinates of all your assets within the Ready Asset map. Based on the nature of the asset, you can see device updates, location history, asset reports, and more.

Can I see what has happened with a particular asset over time?

Yes, Ready Asset Tracking logs every interaction on a 24-hour basis if the device has not moved. If the device has moved, the device will check in intermittently until the device has powered off.

What is the product support?

Ready Asset Tracking has a dedicated and knowledgeable technical support team available to assist with any questions or issues, both quickly and easily. The best way to access support is via or 844-233-1951. Our team is at your disposal every Monday-Friday 8am-5pm CST.

After hours support will be provided by the Account Management team. Please submit a trouble ticket if urgent support is required.

Do the devices have a warranty? What if it malfunctions or fails?

If you have any issues with your equipment, we will work with you to troubleshoot and replace if necessary.

OK, I’m ready to purchase devices, what are the costs?

Great! You can choose to purchase the device outright or enter into a bundled leasing program. Our bundled leasing program is a simple monthly rate that includes the device and monthly recurring portal charge. This subscription program will include a monthly direct bill to support platform access and device connectivity. To complete your order, please email or call us at 844-233-1951.

Is there a contract or can I cancel any time?

If you purchased the devices outright, the Ready Asset Tracking contract term applies. See your contract for duration and termination clauses. If you financed the device with the bundled program, the 36-month contract rate is not cancellable. Once your subscription has commenced, the service and billing will continue for the duration of the subscription.

Is there a free trial or a 30-day return period?

No, once the service and device are delivered you cannot cancel your contract.

If you have any trouble with the installation, equipment, or service Ready IoT will be happy to assist and make sure things are working perfectly for you!

I am an existing Ready Asset Tracking customer, how can I view information about my account?

Click here to log in to the client portal, then open the Ready IoT Manager to view your billing information and update your credit card.

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