Asset Management. Simplified.

Ready Asset Pro makes it easy to manage all of your most important assets.

Ready Asset Pro Features

Centralized Reporting

Manage multiple assets at different locations with a single dashboard.

Near Real Time Data

Devices report in near real-time so immediate action can be taken.

Battery-Powered and Wireless

Small, wireless devices are easy to configure.

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Propane tank monitoring

Remote monitoring of tanks allows for the ongoing reading of fuel consumption and effective planning of the supply network. Eliminate unnecessary trips to customer locations and streamline your routes with Ready Asset Pro’s Propane Tank Monitoring solution.

Hospitality monitoring

Measuring temperature, humidity, occupancy, light, sound, and CO2 levels can help you to observe and create an excellent indoor quality that is essential for the worker’s well-being and productivity. Strategically placed sensors can help you collect valuable information about your facility. With this information at hand, you can better allocate your resources, optimize staffing, reduce costs, monitor your indoor climate, monitor room and desk occupancy, movement, and more.

Restaurant management

Our sensors automate the monitoring of refrigerators, lighting, HVAC systems, occupancy trends, and more.

Healthcare monitoring

Our sensors track your equipment everywhere it goes, allowing your staff to glance at an interactive map instead of physically searching the building.