Ready Fleet Return On Investment Calculator

Think you can’t afford a fleet management solution?

We understand that fleet management software can be a big expense, especially for a small company. Our ROI calculator can help you estimate your annual investment while also factoring in the Cost of Ignoring. Preventing just one accident could save you over $16,000! We use NHTSA statistics to highlight the risks and their potential cost to your company.

Four Ways Fleets Can Reduce Costs

  1. Safety: Each accident costs employers between $16,500 to $500,000 depending on their severity. Fines for distracted driving can also range from $20-$1,000 (Seriously, Oregon’s penalty is $1,000.)

  2. Fuel: AAA says a good rule of thumb is that you use a quarter of a gallon of gas for every fifteen minutes you idle. Idling in traffic, at stoplights, or parked in general, eats up more gas mileage than anything. An idling car uses between 1/5 to 7/10 of a gallon of fuel an hour. An idling diesel truck burns approximately one gallon of fuel an hour. With average U.S. prices for diesel fuel topping $3.40 a gallon, that’s $3.40 an hour wasted.

  3. Productivity: Being able to see your drivers’ location in real-time allows you to route vehicles with current traffic in mind. Ready Fleet also makes it easy to identify risky driving behaviors.

  4. Maintenance: Planned maintenance is a part of vehicle ownership, but unplanned repairs due to aggressive driving and vehicle misuse are an unnecessary cost. In addition to the cost of the repair, you also need to factor in the lost profits from each day the vehicle is in the shop.

This fleet cost calculator simulates the potential return on investment that you could realize by using Ready Fleet for your fleet management and distracted driving prevention. Just fill in the spreadsheet with your data to see your potential ROI.

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