How Can IoT Improve Restaurant Operations?
Safety, cleanliness, and labor can make or break a restaurant's bottom line. That’s why restaurant owners are turning to IoT solutions to streamline their operations.
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Propane Tank Monitoring
Remote monitoring of tanks allows for the ongoing reading of fuel consumption and effective planning of the supply network. Eliminate unnecessary trips to customer locations and streamline your routes with Ready Asset Pro’s Propane Tank Monitoring solution.
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4 Steps to Creating a Culture of Safety
To truly ensure the safety of your employees and the protection of your fleet and brand, organizations must build a culture of safety.
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Simplify Contact Tracing
Safe Distance is an innovative technology solution to keep employees safely distanced in their work environment.
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Solving big problems with tiny sensors

Ready IoT helps businesses of all sizes protect their employees and equipment while maximizing their efficiencies. From fleet and asset management to broadband failover and smart sensors, Ready IoT has a smart solution to modern business problems.

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Distracted driving prevention and fleet management

Ready Fleet helps mitigate your risk from distracted driving, improves vehicle productivity, and keeps track of your vehicles in real-time. Learn how Ready Fleet can help your company instill a culture of safety while providing GPS tracking and engine monitoring. We are leaders in fighting the distracted driving epidemic and believe it’s our responsibility to make the roads safer for your family and ours.

  • GPS vehicle tracking

  • Distracted driving prevention

  • Driver alerts and notifications

  • Vehicle health and maintenance

Driver with hand on the steering wheel of the truck
Driver scorecards in Ready Fleet app

Distracted Driving Prevention

Identify distracted drivers, risky behavior –improve driver behavior. Driver score cards allow you to review drivers' weekly stats for phone usage and harsh driving events.

Map view in Ready Fleet app

Real Time Location Tracking

Always know where your drivers are throughout the day and route vehicles with current traffic in mind, through real-time GPS tracking and traffic awareness.

Ready Fleet dashboard example on laptop and smartphone

Vehicle Health

Keep track of scheduled maintenance, battery health, engine temperature alerts, fuel levels and diagnostic trouble codes for your vehicles. With real-time notifications, you'll be able to keep your vehicles on the road and your customers happy!

Crane lifting building parts at construction site
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Rugged devices ready for any application

Ready Asset Tracking makes it easy to manage all of your business assets in one convenient online portal. Movement alerts and daily location updates keep you informed. Our GPS trackers use a Tier 1 cellular network, so you’re covered all the time and all across the country.

  • GPS asset tracking

  • Find your trailers, heavy machinery, rail cars, and more

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Internet failover solutions for small business

Modern businesses rely on internet connectivity. A single outage could create downtime and lost sales – costing your business money. Ready Connect offers an easy-to-install failover solution. Our failover router detects outages and automatically switches to 4G LTE coverage, ensuring your computers, IP phones, and credit card terminals stay online. With a low monthly cost, Ready Connect’s failover router is the perfect solution to keep your business connected 24/7.

  • Manage mobile hotspots

  • Manage device connectivity

Customer using wifi connected device to pay for order
Automatic backup icon

Automatic Backup Connectivity

When an outage occurs Ready Connect kicks in with 4G LTE coverage. You don’t have to do anything.

4G LTE coverage icon

4G LTE Coverage

Coverage on a Tier 1 national network provides peace of mind. When your primary connection fails, our network takes over.

Installation icon

Simple Installation

No IT support needed. With our preconfigured setup you can add the router to your network in a few easy steps.

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Advanced Reporting

Online portal gives insight into your router’s signal strength, uptime, and outage events.

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Asset tracking, simplified

Ready Asset Pro offers a suite of tools – contact tracing, building management systems, environmental monitors, and more – in one easy-to-use platform. Our IoT sensors can be used in schools, hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants, and workplaces to monitor and measure environmental data. 

Vehicle reporting icon

Centralized Reporting

Manage multiple assets at different locations with a single dashboard.

Real time GPS tracking icon

Near Real Time Data

Devices report in near real-time so immediate action can be taken.

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Battery-Powered and Wireless

Small, wireless devices are easy to configure.

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