Live Webinar: Launching a Successful Resale Channel

Do your customers sometimes deal with disrupted service, fiber cuts or downed lines? These common network interruptions can negatively impact quality of service, productivity, and even revenue generation for businesses that aren’t prepared.
Ready Wireless, a telecommunications company tailored to enabling customers to the Internet of Things industry, presents a remedy for these issues in Ready Connect! The IoT platform provider’s new risk management solution delivers intuitive backup support to business networks, keeping customers online while enhancing your own business’s influence as a Sales Channel Partner.
Learn how to better support your customers, create incremental value and produce new revenue streams with this impactful backup solution during our live webinar, Enhance Your Influence with Customers as a Sales Channel Partner. Join us on Thursday, January 23rd at 12pm Central for this exclusive event.

During this live webinar, Ready Wireless will discuss how Ready Connect:

  • Protects your customers from lost revenue
  • Maximizes your customers’ business productivity
  • Backs up your customers’ services
  • Stabilizes customer network connectivity  

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Meet Your Host

Director of Product, Ready Wireless

Ben is the Director of Product Management at Ready Wireless. Ben’s passionate about technology and the Internet of Things industry, but even more in applying these technologies and principles to create innovative and useful solutions. Ben lives in the heart of the silicon prairie in Iowa City, Iowa with his wife Lauren and 3-year-old dachshund Rizzo.

Since its founding in 2002, has grown to be the go-to solution for technology service providers across the US and has received national recognitions such as Inc. 5000. The company benefits from being privately funded, profitable, and having a dedicated founding team that continues to lead the company today.

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