Ready Wireless® IoT Solution Enables Organizations to Build Safe Driving Cultures

Announcing Release of Ready Fleet® IoT Platform with cutting edge tools to manage driving policy, measure distracted and risky driving behavior and deploy safety management programs

Hiawatha, Iowa Ready Wireless today announced new tools in the Ready Fleet platform including Safe Driver Compliance, Crash Detection, Route Management and Maintenance Alert Notifications. The company leverages GPS, telematics and wireless technologies to help owners and managers improve driver safety and reduce costs associated with fleet accidents and injuries. 

 According to the AAA Foundation’s recently released Traffic Safety Culture Index

  • Drivers view reading (95.9%) or typing (96.7%) a text/email on a hand-held cellphone while driving to be very or extremely dangerous, compared with talking on a hand-held cellphone (79.8%). 
  • Nevertheless, more than half of drivers (52.1%) report having driven while talking on a hand-held cellphone at least once in the past 30 days. Fewer respondents report engaging in distracted driving by reading (41.3%) and typing a text/email (32.1%) on a hand-held cellphone while driving. 

Dennis Henderson, CEO and Co-Founder of Ready Wireless shares, “When your name is on the side of the vehicle you certainly do not want distracted driving happening. Our customers deploy the processes incorporated into our Ready Fleet platform to make measurable and lasting change for better driving outcomes. Our team supports a seamless operational integration to deliver immediate benefits.” 

Ready Wireless has partnered with Sarah Allender, Risk Solutions Advisor from TrueNorth, an insurance and financial strategies service company, to increase market awareness of the risks associated with distracted driving. She notes, “This technology is a proven way to hold drivers accountable which can reduce insurance claims and resulting premiums. At the end of the day what is really important is that our employees go home safely to their loved ones, their hobbies, their lives. That is the ultimate measure of success.” 

Free trial accounts for the new release are being offered to eligible organizations. Fleet managers, company owners and asset managers can learn more here.

About Ready Wireless 

Ready Wireless is an internationally recognized wireless telecommunications company offering multi carrier network connectivity and IoT solutions. The Ready Fleet and Ready Asset IoT Solution was developed to address the Distracted Driving epidemic and delivers robust GPS tracking, vehicle maintenance and asset management platform for organizations managing fleets and distributed assets. Learn more here.

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