Four Things To Know About Contact Tracing

Covid-19 has ushered in a host of new phrases that are now commonplace in our society today. Phrases such as social distancing and contact tracing are used on a daily basis in schools, work settings, and in the media.

While the frequency of these terms has certainly increased, it does not mean that they are necessarily understood. I myself have heard many misrepresent the terms and it is imperative for business leaders to understand them as they have a direct impact on their business.

The Mayo Clinic describes contact tracing as follows: “Contact tracing is a tool that can help slow the spread of infectious diseases, such as coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).” Definitions are good in helping us understand the what of an issue, but applying this in your business is key to ensuring you have a safe and healthy workplace. 

Here are four things you need to know about using contact tracing at your place of business.


1. It Is About Your Employees

As referenced in our post last week, 73% of American workers state that they are afraid of returning to work. While their concerns are certainly valid, you can take the necessary steps to enable them to work with full peace of mind and mitigate the risks of spread. 

Investing in contact tracing is a demonstration to your employees that you are putting their health and welfare first. They want to work in the most optimal health conditions and enabling contact tracing helps meet that goal.


2. It Is Not Complex

I spoke recently to one colleague who mentioned that they did not have contact tracing at their business as they felt it was overly burdensome and complex. Like much of what we have seen with this pandemic, this is not altogether accurate.

Companies that want to enable contact tracing can do so with a cloud-based solution and by issuing each employee a Bluetooth-enabled badge. There is no complex set-up, no overly complicated onboarding to be had. It is rather straightforward and simple to ensure your business is protected.


3. It Is Not Costly

The most valuable asset for any company is the employees. Unfortunately, not all businesses have the means to provide expansive benefits for their employees and staff, but contact tracing does not fall into that category.

Even the smallest of businesses can afford a reliable and efficient contact tracing solution and it may just be one of the best investments you make in your business.  


4. It Is Effective

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), contact tracing is highly effective in helping stop the spread of infectious diseases, like Covid-19. Despite the recent surges that are being reported across the country, you can help your employees stay healthy by implementing a contact tracing solution that rapidly identifies potential exposures and enables you to take the necessary steps to ensure there is no further contact. 

Contact tracing is a must for those companies that want to operate at full scale and keep their employees safe from the spread. If you would like to know more about affordable solutions for a safe workplace, you can learn more here. 

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