Project: Automotive Manufacturing and Shipping Monitoring


The project was initiated in response to the customer’s need for an advanced, reliable method to track automotive component shipments both internationally and domestically. The aim was to establish a system that offers comprehensive tracking capabilities across the US, Central and South America, and Asia. Prior attempts with consumer-grade tracking devices and applications failed to deliver the required backend application layer insights and international coverage, prompting the search for a more robust solution.

Past Attempts

Previous efforts involved utilizing consumer-grade tracking devices and applications, which proved insufficient due to their lack of advanced tracking features, inadequate backend support, and limited international coverage. These shortcomings highlighted the need for a more sophisticated and tailored tracking solution.

Project Synopsis

The project’s main goals are to implement a reliable location tracking system capable of operating efficiently in the US, Central and South America, and Asia. A significant feature includes setting up geofences around specific customer and distribution centers to facilitate check-in and check-out alerts, enhancing the monitoring and management of shipments.

Project Components

  • Acceptance Criteria Gathering: Establishing project requirements and expectations with stakeholders.
  • Device Testing and Deployment: Selecting and testing tracking devices that meet the project’s geographic and functional needs.
  • Device Recycling and Recharging: Integrating device maintenance into the customer’s warehouse processes to ensure sustainability.
  • Planned Re-deployment: Customizing equipment deployment based on regional coverage requirements, moving away from a “universal” test device approach.

Expected Outcomes

  • Implementation of geofencing to trigger notifications for check-ins and check-outs at designated locations.
  • Daily terrestrial GPS location updates, with special provisions for tracking when shipments are at sea.
  • Enhanced shipping and quality assurance processes through real-time monitoring and reporting.


  • Chief Operations Officer (primary point of contact): Responsible for improving shipping and quality assurance capabilities.
  • Manufacturing and Warehousing Teams: Accountable for the successful delivery of products to their destinations.


A 90-day Proof of Concept (PoC) period to gather essential data and insights, leading to a full production rollout with optimally selected devices.

Budget/Resource Allocation

Initially, the project was undertaken without a specific budget, as the company sought to understand the potential benefits of improving their shipping tracking system. The investment in the project is justified by the significant cost savings and efficiency gains compared to the losses from shipping mishaps.

In summary, this project aims to revolutionize the way automotive components are tracked across key global markets, including the US, Central and South America, and Asia. By overcoming the limitations of previous tracking attempts, this initiative focuses on deploying advanced tracking devices with geofencing capabilities and integrating a robust back-end system to provide real-time location updates and alerts. With the involvement of key stakeholders, including the Chief Operations Officer and the manufacturing and warehousing teams, the project is set to enhance shipping accuracy and quality assurance significantly. An initial 90-day PoC phase paved the way for a tailored production rollout, promising substantial improvements in shipping and logistics management without a predefined budget, underscoring the project’s potential to offset costs through increased efficiency and reduced shipping mishaps.

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