Ready Asset Pro Captures IoT Evolution Product of the Year

June 25, 2021
Miami Beach, Florida

Ready Wireless, a leading IoT Solution Integrator, was recognized at the internationally attended IoT Evolution Expo in Miami Beach, Florida.  Ready Asset Pro, the company’s innovative solutions framework, was awarded the Expo’s prestigious Product of the Year award.  

“I’m thrilled to receive this prestigious award on behalf of our team and our partners,” said Dennis Henderson, CEO of Ready Wireless.  “An unbelievable amount of energy and passion has gone into this project, and it’s very gratifying to receive this recognition from industry experts.”

Ready Asset Pro solves the most vexing challenges that businesses face when deploying technology solutions.  With over 150 point-solutions at their disposal, utilizing LTE/Cat-M/NB-IoT/LoRaWAN and BLE, business customers can manage their assets, solve business problems, and generate ROI, all on a single pane of glass.  

Ben Muhlenbruch, Director of Marketing, said, “It’s no secret that businesses operating today aren’t facing just one or two challenges when it comes to optimizing their operations. Ready Asset Pro delivers location, key behaviors, and the needed parameters to efficiently manage your high-value assets such as trailers, generators, water tanks, LP tanks in the field, or fill/fuel level for mission-critical generators. Ready Asset Pro also implements automated contact tracing for employees with the added ability of monitoring air quality of offices as employees return to work.  Before Ready Asset Pro, customers received multiple invoices for a single solution. We’ve eliminated the confusion and complexity by utilizing a “Single Pane of Glass” to realize the needed efficiencies for our customers.  Our Ready Asset Pro customers can do all of this with one partner on a single application, and solve the next problem using the same setup.  This is absolutely a game-changer, and we are proud to receive Product of the Year at the IoT Evolution Expo this year.”

Industry experts are already weighing in on the leading edge solution, John Hubler Partner of BH IoT Group said, “Ready Asset Pro is helping companies cut through the confusion when it comes to connecting devices from multiple assets, Ready Asset Pro acts as an IoT hub that allows device manufacturers to easily add their devices to a platform that can be converted into a tailor-made application for customers and a provides access to a robust commercially viable channel program.”

About Ready Wireless

Ready Wireless is a leading IoT Managed Service Provider and Systems Integrator.  The company is a one-stop-shop that brings networks, devices, and portals together to solve weighty problems for business customers.  Prepackaged solutions address critical business needs such as contact tracing, distracted driving, and asset management.  Ready’s solutions are customizable and its portals offer clean and powerful management capabilities for Ready’s customers. For more information, visit

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